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what’s in my bag?

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"And on the Mexican border,
Someone has ripped through a fence
Of reinforced chicken wire
With bolt cutters,
And erected a hammock
By suspending it
Between two of the fence’s
Concrete pillars.

After swinging gently back and forth,
From Texas to Mexico and then
From Mexico back to Texas,
They doze off; contemptuous
Of the security guards
Patrolling this artificial demarcation –
For, once upon a time,
Texas was Mexico
And Texas didn’t exist.

When Eugene Debs was imprisoned
For conscientious objection in World War One
He said, on September 11th 1915,
I have no country to fight for
My country is the earth
I’m a citizen of the world.’

– Heathcote Williams, “No Borders

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it must be hard being a dude like the person you’re dating wants to sleep with zayn malik, your sister wants to sleep with zayn malik, your mother wants to sleep with zayn malik and you yourself want to sleep with zayn malik a little bit

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These were all over MA today and I don’t know why.

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*snifts wine* do i detect a hint of grapes?

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We’re gonna play a little game called “Snog, Marry, Avoid?” but with boybands.
Asami: No, you can’t do this to me!

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so i got bored and decided to make a masterpost of literally everything to do with themes, thememaking, blog customising and html in general. to make it easier for you to navigate, ive put a contents list - i promise i’m not desperate for page views or whatever, this post is genuinely huge.

to find each section listed in these contents or whatever specific thing youre looking for just do a page search (if you dont know how to do a page search click your current browser for a tutorial: chromeexplorersafarifirefoxios and android)

  • finding themes - blogs, networks, thememakers, huge list of page themes (about 20 links per type)
  • thememaking - base codes, general help, how to make a theme tutorials
  • customising (everyone) - blogs, popular tutorials, blog additions, updates tabs
  • customising (experienced coders/thememakers) -websites, layout, features
  • aesthetics - popular, text decoration/add ons, cursors/effects
  • resources - sidebars, transparent images, updates tab dividers, backgrounds, back to top buttons, transparent blogs, pixels

so yep youre welcome enjoy and let me know if any links are broken xx
also heres my massive themes rec & my themes (+resources) blog

(special thanks to natalie for making this fab banner, shes amazing)

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The neighbourhood of Colonia Las Américas in Querétaro (Mexico) looks like a kaleidoscope now, thanks to multicolored paints, traditional fabric for inspiration and industrious inhabitants of all ages. The “art director” is the Boamistura collective, that promotes community-based artwork to foster the identity of a community. Proyecto Las Américas is entering the second phase: stay tuned.

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